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Our Story

We need a new building and you can help.

The Coldspring Area Public Library, Inc. is a public service institution affiliated with the Houston Area Library System.  We are staffed mostly by volunteers and funded by grants, donations, Friends of the Library and the City of Coldspring, TX.

We are truly a testimony as to what a community can accomplish when everyone works together for a common cause.  All of the volunteers deserve a very special "Thank You" from the community for tirelessly dedicating their time, talents and energy to see that this Library is functional Monday through Saturday.  We would not have a Library at all without them.  We pride ourselves on being one of the most progressive rural libraries in East Texas.

Established in 1985 as a nonprofit, tax exempt corporation and situated on a donated lot in Old Town Coldspring, we began with an old church building donated by the Evergreen Baptist Church.  Women's League paid to have the building moved to it's present location and we opened the doors with 7,000 books. 

Our library material now exceed 17,000 items including:  Books, Books on Tape, Videos and Patron Computers with free access to the Internet.  The present building is giving way to the weight of all of this.  We need a new building.

Donations to the Library are tax deductible. 

Amounts of $50 and over will get you listed on a plaque as a major contributor

Take a look at our new building.

Sign a pledge card to send with your donation.

Attend our fund raising functions.

Join the efforts to build a new building.

Your help is very important!

Our future is in your hands.

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