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Bob Husmann has been kind enough to donate his talents as a professional architect to design a new building for us.  The City of Coldspring, Texas has given us a 99 year lease for the land which is located on Hwy 150, next to SHECO and across the street from the New Coldspring High School.  The building has an estimated cost of $190,000 and $60,000 has already been raised through grants and donations.  Although we still have a long way to go, enthusiastic workers are beating the drums to raise the entire amount need.

You can preview a picture of the front and side of the proposed building.   We have great plans for a computer room to include six public access computers with free internet service for patrons.  Also included in our plans is a meeting room that can be used for holding instruction classes on computers and the Internet.  We are working hard to help provide San Jacinto County with library services to the community.

You can help expand the minds of the future by becoming a part of this dynamic team.  The most important asset for the future is the minds of our community and especially our children.

We need a new building and you can help.

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